Drone tag made from vinyl and laser engraved.
Custom Drone ID tags engraved in metal or vinyl give your drone a professional and classy look. FAA compliance has never been sexier.

FAA Compliant Vinyl Chrome Drone Tag

Regular price$21.99


Vinyl chrome QR drone ID. Includes foam adhesive for impact resistance, vibration damping and anti-lifting properties at a fraction of the weight of mechanical fasteners. Their excellent UV stability and high temperature strength helps drones withstand direct sunlight on uneven textured drone hulls. No more replacing sticker labels every third flight, and these tags look amazing, and professional! Add your FAA registration # or other contact information for you or your business in case your drone flies away like your sticker label :)

Enter your FAA Registration# and contact information above. If you don't have, or need FAA compliance you may still add your phone number to the engraving along with the QR code, or order one of our standard drone tags.

Drone Tatts weigh between .3 and 1.5 grams depending on size options, and are designed to outlast your drone.

Waterproof, weatherproof, crash proof! 

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