Drone tag made from copper and laser engraved with FAA registration number.Drone tag made from copper and laser engraved with FAA registration number.


Look no further than Drone Tats

Custom Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Vinyl Drone Tags

Looking for a way to make your drone FAA compliant or want a stylish and professional drone label solution? Look no further than Drone Tatts. These engraved metal or vinyl drone tags and drone labels are designed to meet FAA requirements for registered operators, or a professional and sleek option for recreational pilots as well. They're sophisticated and designed to out last your drone. Weighing as little as .4 grams they're a great way to add durability and class. They're water & weatherproof and come in sizes and styles to fit most any drone! Treat your fleet to some professional class!

Drone Labels With FAA Registration Number

Standard Drone Labels

Drone Tatts are the ultimate drone tags, no competition! They're in it for the long haul, combining lasting power with style that matches your professional vibe. Say goodbye to throwing cash down the drain with those flimsy paper and foil UAS labels – our custom engraved metal tags are the real MVPs that'll outlive your drone adventures. The superheroes of the tagging world – lightweight but as solid as they come. It's not just about tags; it's about making a statement that lasts as long as your drone takes flight!

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One of a kind Drone Tags

Our Drone labels are laser engraved metal or vinyl QR codes designed to be lightweight and durable. Choose from FAA compliant tats that include FAA registration number in readable format as well as QR code, or select QR code only if you simply want a classy way to add your contact information to your drone.


For the price I didn't expect great quality but I was happily wrong. My brass ID is solid yet light and crystal clear.

Anne L



Finally I don't have to worry about my drone ID flying off mid flight or buying multiple stickers over and over

Jenny G

San Francisco


My copper tat makes my drone unique and my pilot colleagues agree! Ordered their own, Lol!

Kyle T.

Los Angeles, CA


GREAT quality and nice to know my tags will last in wet and adverse weather conditions. Really cool way to customize my birds :)


Los Angeles, CA

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Have any questions about our drone labels? Maybe you're worried about weight, durability, size or all of the above. Drop a note and our support team will be happy to help answer any questions.

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